Where can I learn more about BGB and its founders?

You can learn more about Cherra and Yannah here.
You can also learn why they formed BGB here.

How can I be featured on the site?

To be featured, please go to the Contact page here.

How can I be added to the “BGB Roll Call!” directory?

To be added to the directory, please click here.

How can I reach Cherra and Yannah?

Cherra can be reached at: cherra@browngirlbellydance.com
Yannah can be reached at: yannah@browngirlbellydance.com

Can I submit a blog article to be featured on the site?

Yes! Please submit your request by going to the Contact page here.

Where can I find dance classes in my area?

We are creating a living directory of all the wonderful BGB teachers.
Please go to our BGB Roll Call directory page to find a list of teachers and dancers in your area.

Can I follow Cherra and Yannah on social media?

Yes! You can follow Cherra on IG here and you can follow Yannah on IG here.

How often is new content posted?

New content is posted monthly but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified
for special events, offers, and when new content is added.

How do I get added to your newsletter mailing list?

To receive the newsletter, please click here.