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Why BGB?

Yannah My first belly dance class was 15 years ago at a community center in my town.   I immediately fell in love with the dance, but there was no one that looked like me in the class and the teacher made me feel as if I didn’t belong there. I felt invisible.  After that 1st class, I went home, I said to myself, “surely there’s some Brown Girls that look like me who belly dance. Where are THEY at?!?!”. After a search on the net, I found them and my first teacher Sunyatta Amen. I loved that her classes were

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Love at First Belly Dance: How I Found Belly Dance

It was a hot summer day in North Carolina, somewhere before the “dog days of summer”, but quite honestly those that are intimately aware of the humidity and almost unbearable summer heat in North Carolina; knows there’s really no distinction of where one ends and the other begins. I arrived for my first belly dance class at the YMCA in a hasty nervous pace hoping not to be late. I entered the brightly lit fitness room with a large mirror that extended the length of the room; unofficially marking the “front”; with the typical equipment found in a fitness room;

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Interview with Odara Nur Mahin

Thanks to the power of the mighty Google Translate, Yannah of Brown Girl Bellydance got a chance to interview Odara Nur Mahin of the Brazilian Belly Dance Group, Resistência BellyBlack.  We are sure that you will enjoy getting to know Odara and learning about The Cia Resistência Bellyblack.  We found her insights and experience as a Brazilian Belly Dancer thoughtful and profound. Her passion for dance and her Afro-Brazilian culture is evident. We’ve been crushing on Odara and the group Resistência BellyBlack for a while now and we are so happy to share this interview with you!

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